Below is a complete list of all our dances. We have included brief descriptions of some of the dances and various pictures are shown on our photo page.


Arch March - A couples dance created by Julius Pichler, who was one of the first Schuhplattlers in the Vancouver area.



Bandltanz - This is the Maypole Dance. The dancers carry red and white ribbons and weave them as they dance around a Maypole.  This dance is a combination of weaving, plattling and waltzing.

Bankltanz - The Bench Dance. Two men compete for the bench after one decides to take a break from hard work.

Bergknappentanz - The Miner's Dance.  Five men go down to work in the salt mines where they work hard chiselling the rock, ringing their chisels and dancing once a salt vein is struck.

Cow Bells - There are a few girls in our group who play numerous songs on the tuned cow bells.


DirndlRadl - A Girl's Dance created by the Schuhplattler Verein Enzian, Calgary.


Dreisteirer - One man and two women perform intricate figures as the man tries to woo the women.

Funfer - This dance was also created by Julius Pichler and is a five man dance.



Holzhacker - This is probably the most well known of dances. This is the Woodchoppers' Dance where the men chop logs and, of course, plattl.  We also have an ax sharpener who joins in on the fun.


Kreuz Koenig - King's Cross. A specialty dance with two couples performing in a circle.  They need plenty of room as the women get the chance to fly. 


Lady in Red (Das Mädchen im Roten Mieder

Muhlradl - The Miller's Dance. A marching dance where the dancers perform different figures that represent the workings of a mill.


Old Vienna - A mens dance created by Julius Pichler.

Potpourri - A composite of 3 separate plattls

Salzburger Stierwascher - A dance we learned by video of an Austrian Schuhplattler Group of the same name which visited Vancouver in 1986.   We have recently found out that the dance is actually the Puchberger Schottisch and a Mazurka combined. 



Steirer - A dance where intricate figures are performed and the guys try to steal a kiss.

Tiroler Figurentanz - This is also a figure dance with some figures similar to the Steirer. The music is a bit faster and more peppy (no time for the guys to steal a kiss). 

Volkswagen - Another mens dance created by Julius Pichler.

Watschenplattler - This is a dance of two men fighting over one woman and a third man runs in and steals her much to their surprise.

Zillertaler HochzeitsPolka