Current Members



This page is dedicated to the hard working and determined dancers of the AVC Edelweiss Dancers.  Listed below are their names and their official position (if any).

Angela Gerber, Bell Player
Dale Hoegler
Tanya McDouall
, Archivist
Caitlin Mitterer (junior member)
Martina Mitterer
, Treasurer
Meghan Mitterer (junior member)
Brenda Nowak
, Obfrau
Domenic Riedmann (junior member)
Heiko Riedmann (junior member)
Tanya Riedmann
Andreas Ternes (junior member)
Tony Ternes, Vorplattler, Alphorn Player
Tony Theiss
, Musik Director, Schleppmeister
Oskar Winnat

Eric Wutschnik, Secretary, Alphorn Player
Ryan Yamada (junior member)

We also have a few general members, these are members who do not dance but support us to the best of their ability.

Heribert Mitterer, Alphorn Player
Michael Riedmann, Alphorn Player
Konrad Scharf

Our honourary members:

Helmut Hoegler
Helmut has been instrumental in fund raising for our trips
to Europe and he has been an avid supporter of us for many years.