In May, we attended the third Western Canadian Schuhplattler Workshop in Edmonton.  It followed the same premise as the others with a meet-and-greet on Friday, workshop on Saturday morning, dance on Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday.  This year Winnipeg joined us and also a member from the Windsor Ontario Chiemgau group who recently moved to Edmonton.

Only two groups were teaching this morning.  Edmonton and Seattle.  Edmonton taught the Allgauer - a dance they learned at the St. Paul Gaufest in 1999 and Seattle taught a folkdance - the Nagelschmied.  Both are great dances and were fun to learn with such a large group.

We had a great lunch and then ran through the Heidauer which was to be the group dance for later that evening.  That evening, the German-Canadian Club put on a very delicious buffet which left many of us very full for our performances.  All groups had the chance to perform no matter how few the attendees.  Some of the dances performed were the Tiroler Figurentanz, the Auerhahn and the Ambosspolka.  Victoria performed a medley of the Bankltanz, the Dreisteirer and the Watschentanz.  Even two of our couples and two from Edmonton performed the KreuzKoenig.  The day had started out very windy and ended with a driving rain that soaked everything in its path.

The Edmonton dancers arranged for carpooling in the morning to Rainer Hartl's farm outside of Edmonton.  Rainer has a coffee house set up in his Bavarian farmhouse and we had homemade pretzels, zwiebelkuchen, cheese buns, bratwurst, weisswurst and others.  You definitely could not be on a carb-reduced diet that morning!  Everything was wonderfully mouthwatering and the weather cooperated as the sun came out that afternoon.  We were all driven back in time to catch our flights but some people stayed an extra day to spend time at the West Edmonton Mall.  It was a fun weekend and Victoria announced they would be hosting the next one in 2008.  See you then!!